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Complete Australian football scores coverage from AFL and other Aussie rules leagues. Get the latest Australian football results, scores, standings, game and H2H stats.

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Australian Football live scores on SofaScore brings you live AFL results, stats and fixtures from entire competition, including AFL playoffs.
568390-tlslargethumbnail.jpg. AFLX full wrap: How did your club go? All the scores, all the highlights, all the stars of footy's new format. 12:55pm Feb 19, 2018. 548799-tlslargethumbnail.jpg · Race to round one: Who's injured at your club? Who's in doubt and which players already have a line through them. 9:35am Feb 17, ...

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Australian rules football - Wikipedia

Jump to Scoring - As an example of a score report, consider a match between Essendon and Melbourne with the former as the home team. Essendon's score of 11 goals and 14 behinds equates to 80 points. Melbourne's score of 10 goals and 7 behinds equates to a 67-point tally. Essendon wins the match by a ...
Jump to Scoring - Like many other codes of football, the way to score points is to score goals. In Australian Football, there are two types of scores: a goal and a behind. There are four posts at each end of the ground; the two middle (and taller) posts are the goal posts, and the two outer (and shorter) posts are the ...

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ScoresPro Australian Football League LiveScore | Live AFL Results |

ScoresPro has Live Australian Football League results and standings from all of the Aussie Rules leagues, like the AFL, NTFL, AFL, SANFL & NEAFL. Get today's Aussie Football scores and see how your favourite AFL team is getting along! Our Australian footy league scorecards are updated in live real-time to keep you up ...
Get all of the Aussie Rules football livescores from the AFL of Australian Rules Football in Australia today! We have live scores & finished match results from every game of the 2018 Australian AFL tracked live in real-time to bring you the latest scores, stats & results as they happen. Our 2018 AFL Aussie Rules Livescores ...

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Australia Post AFL – AFL basics

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Many Aussie Rules pitches mix with cricket fields as they or of a similar size and proportion. The pitches are marked around the outside to highlight the out of bounds area. At either end of the pitch 4 tall posts will be apparent. These are the scoring zones and are roughly 6 metres in height. The two front posts are 6.4 metres ...

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Atlanta Kookaburras Australian Rules Football Club

In Australian rules football, two teams of 18 active players compete to score points by kicking an oval-shaped ball through a set of goalposts located at either end of a large oval. Players can pass the ball to teammates by either kicking it or punching it off their palm, but not by throwing it. A player that catches ...
Jump to The Rules of Australian Football - Rules Overview. The team scoring the most points wins the game. The match is considered drawn if points are equal. A game is divided into 4 quarters of 20 minutes playing time. Time is kept on the field by the umpires. When play is unduly delayed, such as the ball ...

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Weird Sports and Wacky Games around the World: From Buzkashi to Zorbing ... - Victoria Williams Ph.D. - Google Books

More often than not a derogatory term used by football fans, the term was more valid through aussie rules scores 1960s and 1970s; the faster paced running game and increased use of hand passing of the current age has made the vouchercodes dominos largely obsolete.
This term is used particuarly in and where Aussie Rules is not a native sport and knowledge of the sport is mostly through the marketing campaigns of the AFL.
Often dragged out as baalllll.
The opponent sells the dummy to the opponent, then check this out or spins the other way in order to break free from the opponent's grasp or possible grasp.
It is aussie rules scores to upset his concentration when kicking.
The ball is dropped to the ground and foot contact is made with it immediately after it touches the ground.
Ball spins end under end.
Foot contacts the ball sililarly to the drop kick but before it reaches the ground.
Often used as a derogatory term to describe possession based games of football.
Also refers to the post-game time allocated to allow spectators onto the field.
Spectators will bring AFL balls to the game to participate in this kick-to-kick available at certain times under certain circumstances only.
The two are often screamed simultaneously by opposing fans.
Or, referring to a shorter and stockier player.
A perfectly legal tactic when performed within 5 metres of the ball.
Often the player is a senior player who has aussie rules scores been captain aussie rules scores the team, or one renown for his wisdom and toughness e.
Usually involves following and scragging.
Often referred to as a 'torp'.

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