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A rat king is the term used to describe an agglomeration of rats whose tails have entangled together. As a result of this entanglement, a large single entity is formed, which is usually further bound by other substances, such as blood, feces or other filth. The concept of this monstrous creature is said to have ...

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Five Myths About Rats | Reitanna Seishin

Rats, however, were certainly sacred, and as little distinction is taken, in myth, between rats and mice as between rabbits and hares. The rat was sacred to Ra, the Sun-god, and (like all totems) was not to be eaten. This association of the rat and the Sun cannot but remind us of Apollo and his mouse.
Rat Park versus The New York Times Bruce K. Alexander Rat Park closed forever more than 30 years ago. In its heyday, it was a very large plywood box on the floor of my addiction laboratory at Simon Fraser University. The box was fitted out to serve as a happy home and playground for groups of rats. My colleagues and I ...

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A bestiary of creatures from ancient Greek myth and legend including mythical monsters, animals, dragons, giants, demons and fantastic tribes.
Many scientists have set out to expose the demon drug myth, but found themselves overpowered by it instead. In the late Seventies, for instance, my colleagues and I re-examined some simplistic rat research, which was based on a contrivance that allowed rats to inject a jolt of heroin by pressing a lever on ...

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The Yokai Files – Raigo/Tesso: The Iron Rat | Total-Japandemonium

How often have you heard that one? Here are some more treasures often repeated by so-called "pest professionals": This bait makes rats dry up into dust so they won't stink. Our bait makes rats so thirsty, they run outside to drink water and die outside. Rat bait "mummifies" rats so they don't stink. Rodenticide myths are as ...
Belief in drug-induced addiction may have deep cultural roots as well, since it is a pharmacological version of the belief in "demon possession" that has entranced western culture for centuries. This is more than an academic issue. Canadian policy decisions frequently are constrained by the public's strongly-held belief in ...

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Gary K. Wolfe Mythic Structures in Cordwainer Smith's "The Game of Rat and Dragon"

Chinese mythology states that the rat brought the gift of rice to humankind. There and in other places, it is a symbol of prosperity, wisdom, and prophecy. Hinduism: Once upon a time, there was an Asura demon who threatened the worlds. Ganesa went after Him. But the asura changed into a huge rat, called the bandicoot.
Do you know your rat facts? Learn more about rats from Animal Planet.Missing:

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Tesso – The Iron Rat | 百物語怪談会 Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai

Raigo wouldn't be seen as an onryo nowadays—his transformation into a rat makes him more of a monster than a ghost. But in the Heian period. The Heike Monogatari is often called Japan's version of The Odyssey, freely mixing historical fact with the supernatural and mythological. Because the Heike.
Description. Ratman is one of two things, a literal rat man, who is described as being a tall, half-man half-rat creature who will attack the player or a hobo that can run very quickly and likes to stay out of sight. Both types report the same actions. Running away into a tunnel or nearest station, sometimes shouting "I am Ratman!

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He who rides Rats | Devdutt

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As any visitor to this border town knows, the streets near the shopping areas are populated with stray dogs.
The woman took pity on one little stray and offered it a few bites of her lunch, after which it followed her around for the rest of the afternoon.
Knowing that it was illegal to bring a dog across the international border, she hid him among some packages on the seat of her car and managed to pass through the border checkpoint without incident.
After arriving home, she gave the dog a bath, brushed his fur, then retired for the night with her newfound pet curled up at the foot of her bed.
The call soon came.
Where did you get the dog?
She knows of a woman who recently vactioned of the Gulf Coast of Florida with her family.
While vactioning they befriended a stray dog.
It stayed with them while they vactioned and they click the dog like any other pet: the dog slept with them, shared food, etc.
The kids had grown attached to the dog and when it was time to return home they wanted to take the dog with them.
The mother insisted rat demon mythology could not take the dog because they already had a dog and cat at home.
The kids won out and they took the dog home with them.
They returned to their normal routines, the kids went to school and the parents went off to work.
Upon returning home from work the mother found her family pets horribly mutlilated and dead.
The stray however was fine.
The vet calls back rat demon mythology hour or so later to say that the dog was not a dog, but a Korean Rat.
They went sailing in the Bay in San Francisco last weekend.
All of a sudden, they noticed a little dog frantically swimming in the water.
They rescued the rat demon mythology tike, dried him off and he instantly fell asleep.
After docking, they put the little creature in their car and took it home, made a bed for it with blankets in a basket and went to bed.
In the morning, they woke up and came downstairs to find that the little guy had chewed through the kitchen wall into the garage.
Worried that here dog might not be as friendly this morning, called the SPCA to come and get rat demon mythology />But instead of catching it, the animal fell to the ground dead.
Origins: This legend dates to 1983, at least.
And it does get passed around — the story was every bit as popular in the late 1990s as it had been at any time in its long history.
Pretty wild story, right?
I wanted to bring you this first.
A few days went by.
I went next door.
Real tough story to pin down.
The golden oldies station.
Spotted a little runt of a dog, with hair sticking out in all directions, which I thought could pass for a water-soaked rat.
check this out retold the story to the man of the house.
Whereupon, wife appears and confirms the story.
Satellite High, I think it was.
I read it in the paper about a month and a half ago.
But the story was too incredible to just let it drop.
I checked through 10 weeks of back red papers at the library.
And asked everybody I knew who reads the paper carefully every day.
I even called some of my news friends at the red paper.
No one had heard a word.
Which seemed more than strange.
A story like this would have had people talking for days.
And somebody in the news business would have heard about it.
Then Rat demon mythology checked the cops.
A local TV reporter.
One of those far side stories that takes on a life of its own and keeps popping up in the strangest places.
Xenophobia is the key to this legend; the woman unwittingly brings home a danger because she fails to respect what are seen as proper boundaries.
One never knows what one is getting, after all.
Suspicion of foreign cultures takes center stage, and the presumed danger of bringing one culture into another is turned into a graphically gory tale about a dog a noble and lovable thing that turned out to be a vicious diseased rat hated and feared vermin.
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