Lists and reviews the 13 essential video poker books every beginner ought to read before starting to play these games in casinos.
He analyzed the games and published his results in the predecessor to this book, Video Poker – Precision Play. The book. Moreover, one's potential edge in even the very best game, with the best payback, is so microscopic, that the fluctuations in the player's bankroll, even with only slight statistical blips, are huge.

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Video Poker - Optimum Play: The Strategies and Tactics of Advantage Play - Dan Paymar - Google Книги

Mastering Video Poker… David E. The Video Poker Edge,… Linda Boyd. Video Poker Optimum… Dan Paymar. Frugal Video Poker. Jean Scott. Video Poker - The Short… Taylor Norton. Everything Casino… Frank Scoblete. Video Poker-Optimum… Dan Paymar. 3.7 out of 5 stars 26. Confessions of a Video… Greg Perry. 3.5 out of 5 stars 4.
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ShopLVA — How to Win at Video Poker

Frugal Video Poker, by Jean Scott and Victor Nacht, is one of the best books on video poker. It includes information about stretching your bankroll so that you can have more fun in various casino destinations, but it also features tips for playing with profitability as your goal. One of the major themes emphasized in Frugal ...
Video Poker Book Seeing as how video poker is such a tactical and analytical game, it should come as no surprise that there are dozens of books out there dedicated to the topic. These books cover topics like video poker tactics, finding the best promotions and comps, and even fictional stories about video poker players ...

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Optimum Play

This 198 page book contains a close to perfect strategy for jacks or better, deuces wild, and joker poker. There are also chapters briefly covering other games as well as a host of video poker related topics. The writing is a bit dry but the math seems very solid. This is the best overall book on video poker I ...
Our video poker books will help you decide which books to read on the topic. We review the best books about video poker with rules, tips and strategy.

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Book Review of Video Poker Optimum Play

Books and Resources. Below are some of the better known resources on Video Poker. Click for details and order easily online! Books. Fourplay: A Video Poker Affair with Four of a Kind by Arthur Roemmelt MD; The Video Poker Edge: How to Play Smart and Bet Right by Linda Boyd; Frugal Video Poker by Jean Scott; The ...
Bob Dancer is one of the best known video poker players and writers in the world. Reportedly, in just six years, after coming to Las Vegas with a $6,000 bankroll, Dancer won more than $1 million playing beatable machines. Million Dollar Video Poker recounts the events of those six years, with stories about his meteoric ups ...

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Intro to video poker

Bob Dancer is a video poker legend. His software, books, and strategy cards have become sought-after items for beginners or serious video poker players. His books provide beginners, serious players, dedicated players, tournament players and anyone even thinking of playing these addictive, sometimes lucrative ...
Interested in a good video poker book? You've found the right place, ReadyBetGo! is staying on top of the the latest video poker book releases by providing reviews and pointing you towards some quality book stores to buy.

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The other video poker writers are mostly not successful players.
Additionally, Bob and his business partner, Jeffrey Compton offer their marketing services to casinos through their company, Compton Dancer Consulting.
In early 2005 I had a chance to interview Bob in to get some insight into how he became so successful and also to get his thoughts on how the average video poker player can learn to play a better game.
Thus, began my first look into the life of a professional video poker player.
Many people have visions of professional gamblers leading a life of luxury and winning money at every turn.
In 1973, at the age of 26 and employed as an economist for the Rand Corporation, Bob read a story about backgammon in Playboy magazine.
Fascinated by the game, he read every book he could find on the subject and became a bit of an expert.
He got laid off the following year and a friend invited him to the Cavendish West, a private card club in the Los Angeles area where backgammon was played for money.
For the next nine years he continued to study the game and play for money, albeit less than before.
At the same time he also learned to count cards in blackjack, periodically taking weekend trips to Las Vegas to practice his skills.
Within two years, however, his employer had been bought out by another company and Bob was laid off.
This gave him the incentive to pursue gambling on a full-time basis.
In 1991 Bob met Ginnie, an attractive Asian girl, 10 years his junior, on the dance floor.
Bob is an accomplished dancer and actually chose his pen name, Bob Dancer, based on his fondness for dancing.
The couple began dating on a steady basis and Bob began teaching her about blackjack.
They spent many weekends in Las Vegas taking advantage of casino promotional programs designed for out-of-state players.
At the tables the couple acted as husband and wife, with Bob mentally counting cards, and then verbally coaching Ginnie on how to play her hands.
The coupons were limited to one per person, per day, but they found ways to get bunches of them and they spread their visits throughout the day to use them multiple times with different dealers.
During the course of time, however, it became more difficult for Bob and Ginnie to use their advantage-play methods.
We figured it was close enough, but today I know that the games have big differences.
At that time, the Sahara paid double for royal flushes on Thursdays during the first 10 minutes of any hour and on Sundays they paid double for four Aces.
Therefore, the couple limited their playing time to those particular days.
Within two weeks I hit three Thursday-royals and broke even for the rest of the time, so my bankroll doubled.
He continually scouted new promotions and modified his play to take advantage of the best opportunities.
Shirley lived in California but often visited Las Best video poker books on business and within a few months the couple began dating on a steady basis.
Shirley was a gambling novice and this began her introduction into the world of professional video poker.
As they grew closer, Bob finally asked Shirley to marry him and in late 1997 they tied the knot.
Initially reluctant to play video poker, Shirley slowly learned the basics and eventually became an excellent player, helping Bob to extract even more from the casinos.
Eventually, however, Bob convinced her that things would be fine and they began playing in late November.
At this point Shirley was ready to take the money and run, but Bob believed it was still worth while to pursue a game where they had an advantage.
This, Bob concluded, still made it a profitable venture and they continued to play.
Bob discovered that some machines were awarding points at nearly twice the normal rate and he began to play these machines exclusively, never saying anything to management about the error.
click here was able to play these machines for several months before management corrected the mistake, but bad luck caused him to lose.
It took him just three hours to lose the entire forty grand.
During the next month the Dancers continued to play, but were net losers.
The reduced benefits left Bob with a slight advantage and he considered continuing to best video poker books, but that changed about one month later when the MGM announced a 25% increase in requirements to earn slot club points for all video poker players.
Since Bob was able to jungle free download for mobile advantage of these facts, did he feel badly about it?
The casino hires a lot of people to protect what it has and to concoct ways to get more.
The casino sets out games on which it has the advantage and invites you to come in and try your luck.
If you win, you get to keep the money.
His game of choice is Not So Ugly Deuces NSUD : a Deuces Wild game which, when played perfectly, returns 99.
Bob gets a significant amount of mail from casinos announcing their promotional events and he says that analyzing how much a promotion is worth is very important.
You would want a club where you can get continue reading day cashback.
The reason is that virtually everyone in a sameday club makes sure to get their cash after finishing their play, while not everyone in a bounceback club makes the effort to go back for their cash.
When asked best video poker books is the single most important thing the average video poker player should learn, Bob gives a surprisingly candid answer.
No matter where you live, you can find the most lucrative game available in the casinos near you.
Win Poker is the one I sell, but there are others Frugal Video Poker, Optimal Video Poker, Masque on the market.
Only a computer trainer can teach you to play perfectly.
Talk to other players to find out what promotions are in place.
Video poker players make more off promotions than they do off the games.
The best players learn how to calculate when they have the edge by analyzing how much the game pays, how much the click here club pays and how much the promotions are worth.
Royal flushes come every 40,000 hands on average.
There are times when it will be a couple hundred thousand hands between royals and there are times when it will be two or three in the same day.
To adjust for that, the casinos offer tougher pay schedules, fewer slot club benefits and sometimes they will even refuse players the right to play.
There are many players who believe that they have the right to get better and that the casino should stay a sitting duck by not changing.
Will they continue to make money?
Or, will the casinos make it impossible for that to happen?
The best players will always be able to make money.

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